Agriculture and industry in Brazil: Innovation and Competitiveness

Agriculture and industry in Brazil
Agriculture and industry in Brazil Innovation and Competitiveness

Three Brazilian cases of success in innovation policies

Agriculture and industry in Brazil: Innovation and Competitiveness it’s a book that approaches three Brazilian cases of success in innovation policies.

The book was recently released in an updated English version under the title “Agriculture and Industry in Brazil: Innovation and Competitiveness”.

The book is the result of the post-doctoral research at the University of Clumbia written by José Eustáquio Ribeiro Vieira Filho, actually as the head of the program from the Executive Secretariat of the Ministry of Agriculture, Livestock and Supply (MAPA).

Also being produced in co-authorship with Albert Fishlow, teacher from the Columbia SIPA (School of International and Public Affairs)- USA.

It’s a solid and complete study about the impact of the technological development in agriculture, generating growing of the productivity and national agricultural expansion, respecting the peculiarities of each country region.

The authors correlate the scientific knowing, with the technological advance and the raise of the productivity in the sector from the study of three Brazilian cases of institutional innovation: the Embrapa, Petrobrás and Embraer.

According to the search, the success of this institutions was due to the partnership of investments of financial resources and the scientific-technique between the private and the public sectors, to make up the national necessities.

The Embrapa objective is to guarantee the feed security of the country, since Petrobrás seeks the autonomy of the national energy e the Embraer aims at both the integration of the territory and the strengthening of industry (regional aviation) and the defense of the State (military aviation).

Starting from the studies of the cases and deep analysis around the Brazilian political historic context, social an scientific, the authors looks for answering the question: “Wich is the current role of the State and the public policies of development in Brazil?”

And demonstrate trough data of scientific researches that belongs to the State to create an innovative institutional base, focusing and promoting researches, funds and technology over education and extension.

The book is a ‘must read’ for who wants to comprehend the development of the agriculture and brazilian industry from the pov of smart public policies that invest in technological innovation to strengthen the insitutional envoirment.

It’s possible acquire a copy of the book “Agriculture and Industry in Brazil: Innovation and Competitiveness”, at the site of the Columbia University through the link:

Whoever is most interested about the subject may check the lecture of the author José Eustáquio R. Vieira Filho, at FGV EESP, on 11/23/2020 (Monday), from 5pm to 6:20 pm (BSB GMT – 03:00 hour), by the zoom plataform through the prior registration at the link:

II Seminário Agro Instituições /

Check it out a picture of Roberta Melo, President of the National Commission of Women Agrarianists of UBAU (CNMAU), on institutional visit to the author of the book José Eustáquio R. Vieira Filho, at the MAPA building in Brasília/DF.

This article was translated into Portuguese

This article was translated into English by prof. Erick Nascimento Corrêa Nóbrega,


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