Covid-19 and the need to invest in Gifted Education

Covid-19 and the need to invest in Gifted Education

Would investing in Gifted Education help to combat covid-19?

Covid-19 has been spreading frighteningly and no one yet knows how to end the coronavirus pandemic.This situation can still last for a long time.

In the 21st century, we still find it difficult to discover a vaccine that will end this virus that has already killed more than 600 thousand people worldwide Website:

Despite scientific and technological advances, the vaccine has not yet been discovered and this is a very worrying fact because we do not know what will become of our future.

If, on the one hand, we must think positively and dedicate our time trying to live in a healthy and safe way, on the other, the future is still uncertain, even if we make plans. There is still no vaccine to free us from the social isolation caused by covid-19.

If we think that, by investing in gifted people, we will bring several social benefits in different fields of knowledge, although, this may occur in the long term, we could think about the possibility of discovering vaccines and cures for different diseases as soon as possible, including with regard to covid-19.

Why invest in Gifted Education?

If there were more investments in personal resources and materials for gifted education, the scenario we experienced during the coronavirus pandemic could probably have been different. A vaccine could have been discovered in the first contagions. But we know that this is not what we are experiencing yet.

Investment in the education of gifted students is still not enough for a large part of these students to be identified and adequately attended at school.

It is essential to have public policies that value and invest in the education of gifted students who are our future.

Gifted students can mean a promising future for great discoveries and inventions in several areas of knowledge. Unfortunately, due to different factors, in addition to the current educational system, most of these students are still anonymous.

Many gifted people are not identified and do not attend curriculum enrichment programs. In order for gifted students to be identified, it is preferable to have a multidisciplinary team prepared to carry out an accurate diagnosis. The support of teachers, educators, psychologists, families, is essential to help in the diagnosis.

The importance of curriculum enrichment programs

After the diagnosis is properly made, gifted students need to have access to a curriculum enrichment program Website:

The curriculum enrichment program is essential for the development of talents and high abilities. It is a valuable program due to its fast pace, greater depth and wide range of topics outside the typical school curriculum.

In addition, the curriculum enrichment program can provide healthy socio-emotional development. During the activities of this program, gifted students can share their interests and passions, which can cause positive effects in their education and increase their love of knowledge.

How can we learn more about the education of gifted people who represent our promising future?

I recommend many readings to learn how to properly identify and serve gifted students. There is a book that I recently published entitled:

Socio-Emotional Development and Creativity of Gifted Students
E-book – Socio-Emotional Development and Creativity of Gifted Students


In this book, readers will certainly be able to know and deepen their knowledge in the area of ​​giftedness.

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