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Pedophile women exist and the destined cells for them are occupied

Pedophile women exist and the destined cells for them are occupied

October children’s month in Brazil, but do we really have what to celebrate?

Pedophile women are as dangerous and cruel as men, often even worse, because they hide behind the “fragile” mother figure.

During the online conference held in May in Brazil, National month to Combat Abuse and Sexual Exploitation of Children and Adolescents, the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights (MMFDH) released the balance of Dial 100 with data on sexual violence against the group.

Of the 159,000 records made by Dial Human Rights throughout 2019, 86.800 are violations of the rights of children or adolescents, an increase of almost 14% compared to 2018.

Sexual violence appears in 11% of the complaints that refer to this specific group, which corresponds to 17,000 occurrences. Compared to 2018, the number remained practically stable, showing a drop of only 0.3%.

In 71% of the cases the abusers were someone trusted by the victim;

63% of cases of child sexual abuse occurred within the residence, so the violators are familiar;

Also, according to research conducted by the organization Darkness to Light, in the United States:

1 out of 25 boys will be sexually abused before the age of 18;

90% of children victims know their abusers;

Among abused children under 6 years of age, 50% suffer practices by family members.

Did you know that 44.6% of boys suffered sexual abuse between 5 and 9 years of age and that according to the WHO (World Health Organization), it is estimated that 27% of boys up to 12 years of age suffered or will suffer some kind of sexual abuse?

Mulheres pedófilas

Abuso sexual contra meninos / Sexual abuse against boys

Wrongly society in general built stereotypes of masculinity, which teach men the destructive art of omitting their own emotions, as well as traumas. Still, we idolize the woman with a divine being, and covered them with the veil of innocence, as if only the female sex suffered trauma in childhood.

Boys are denied the right to speak, express, cry, or simply narrate their pains and events, and are encouraged and encouraged to never reject a woman independent of the occasion. Those who attend remain absent of any reflection on the psychic and sexual consequences that are imposed on the victim.

The media and other means of communication insist on notifying that girls are the biggest victims of sexual abuse, however the absence of physical traces does not mean the absence of emotional wounds, traumas and personality injuries that occur in boys who have suffered in the practice of abuse.

The boy does not always suffer penetration, sometimes he is obliged to fulfill the wishes of pedophile women, in various ways that leave no signs of external violence.

How many boys are not congratulated for the feat, which parents know, and instead of worrying about their son’s well-being, they close their eyes for fear of “hurting the boy’s masculinity”?

Have you ever stopped to think that this omission has serious and sometimes irreversible consequences?

Examples of developmental problems, phobias, post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, fall in school grades, nightmares, regressive behaviors (bedwetting and sucking fingers), sexual behaviors inappropriate for age, insistence on staying away from home/school, as well as physical signs such as bacteria, fungi, injuries and itching of the intimate parts.

Within the Netflix platform is available the case of the boy Gabriel Fernandes where his mother tortured and participated in mistreatment and pedophilia against her own son. The case even had enormous repercussions in the US courts.

Although the crime of sexual violence covers the practice directly linked to the female sex, it is little or almost nothing mentioned when referring the boys, either in the practice of rape itself (older than 14 years) or in the rape of vulnerable people (children under 14 years old, disabled, and unable to offer resistance).

Most of the people do not care when the victim is a boy, or prefer to ignore and simply blind themselves to the criminal practices of pedophiles women.

Important to emphasize that these are criminal attitudes against a person, not against a girl or woman, although these days are not treated as such, men and boys are still human beings, people.

Issues such as pedophilia and sexual abuse involve a taboo so great that little is imagined that women are carriers of this evil that haunts our society and who also commit rape.

According to the Federal Police, out of every ten pedophiles, one is female. Just as male prisons have wings reserved for rapists, called “safe,” the female ones also own, and believe me, they’re busy

Before anything else it is necessary to explain what rape is, and how the theme is pedophilia, what would be the rape of vulnerable

What happens is that, in general, women are reported less frequently. Some reasons explain this underreporting, such as the absence of penetration during abuse, the sexist culture that sees early relationships between boys and older women as something normal, or the family’s fear of denouncing and turning the fact into a greater trauma that interferes with the sexuality of boys.

There is also the taboo of thinking that abuse is caused only in girls

In videos and photos of child pornography seized by the Federal Police, an increasingly recurring record has placed the profile of the classic pedophile in question.

About 30% of the material investigated has the presence of pedophiles, participating or producing scenes of sexual abuse.

“Since 2001, we’ve been working on these cases and we can say that women’s performance has been increasing noticeably,” says the head of the Cybercrime Division of the Federal Police, delegate Adalto Martins. “This brings to the ground the idea that only man who practices pedophilia is the man.”

The criminal participation of paedophile women is not recent, but with the inclusion in the labor market and social life, women have acquired or exteriorized hitherto masculine behaviors, among them, pedophilia, says psychiatrist Carmita Abdo, coordinator of the Sexuality Project of the Institute of Psychiatry from USP ( University from Sao Paulo).

Omission does not mean the absence of crime, but a circumstance that drives crime.

Through the theme addressed on paedophile women, we can affirm and conclude that regardless of who practices the pedophile act, our mission as citizens is: we must denounce and not omit this evil at all.

Pedophile women – version in Portuguese

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